Why Life's Gum

The Smarter Way to Live Healthy™!

Life’s Gum® is the perfect Wellness & Immunity Gum for anyone looking for a Smarter Way to Empower Their Health - and their mind.

Our unique liquid center allows for a quick release of the active ingredients to help you empower your health in a simple and delicious way! The immunity boosting ingredients in Life’s Gum® have been carefully chosen to serve your overall health and wellness while chewing helps to boost your cognitive function.

Size & Form Matter!

Life’s Gum® is packed with good-for-you ingredients in the liquid center and the delicious spearmint shell can stay soft and flavorful for an hour or more. This allows you to chew longer and promote cognitive benefits such as increased focus, memory recall and concentration. To receive the benefits of chewing, you need a quality piece of gum that you actually want to chew - which is why we say Size & Form MATTER!

Perfectly portable to fit in with your busy life.

No more juggling multiple bottles of vitamins, probiotics and other supplements to boost your health. A pack of Life’s Gum® fits nicely in your bag or pocket so you can take it with you wherever you go without the hassle! One Piece a Day Can Help Keep Doctor Away!

Thoughtfully Chosen Ingredients.

Each piece of Life’s Gum® contains the following active ingredients in the liquid center:

300% RDI of Vitamin B6

50% RDI of Vitamin C

700% RDI of Vitamin D3

50% RDI of Zinc

50mg BerryDefense® containing Elderberry Juice Powder, Aronia and Black Currant Extract (equivalent to 3 berries per piece)

20mg LifeInU® Probiotics

Hemp Seed Oil for trace amounts of Omega-3 & 6 Fatty Acids

Unlike other functional chewing gums, we decided to leave out the sugar, the aspartame, and other unnecessary ingredients. We chose to listen to our dentist for once and added Xylitol for an amazing flavor that also promotes oral health. Rest assured - we are always vegan & gluten free.

1 Pack = 5 pieces = 5 Servings of Health!

liquid center functional delivery system