What is Life’s Gum®?

Life’s Gum® is, what we believe to be, Possibly the World’s Most Perfect Gum. Our liquid center contains Vitamins B-6, C, D3 and Zinc, LifeInU® Probiotics, Hemp Seed Oil and a special BerryDefense® blend all surrounded by a delicious spearmint gum shell that stays soft and chewable for an hour or more. This allows the active ingredients to be released quickly and effectively while refreshing your breath and helping you stay focused. It truly is the Smarter Way to Live Healthy™!

How many vitamins are in a piece of Life’s Gum®?

Each piece of Life’s Gum® contains the following active ingredients in the liquid center:

300% RDI of Vitamin B6

50% RDI of Vitamin C

700% RDI of Vitamin D3

50% RDI of Zinc

50mg BerryDefense® containing Elderberry Juice Powder, Aronia & Black Currant Extract (equivalent to 3 berries per piece)

20mg LifeInU® Probiotics

Hemp Seed Oil for trace amounts of Omega-3 & 6 Fatty Acids

How does Life’s Gum® differ from other immunity gums on the market?

For starters, Life’s Gum® has a liquid center that allows the active ingredients to be released quickly and effectively. The immunity boosting ingredients in Life’s Gum® have been carefully chosen to serve your overall health and wellness while chewing helps to boost your cognitive function.

Other functional chewing gums use powdered ingredients pressed into the shell of the gum. With this method, you never know how much is being released from the gum while you’re chewing, which is why it ends up tasting bad once the flavor dissipates - because the vitamins and other functional ingredients get stuck within the gum itself.

Why should you Chew your HEALTH?

When you Chew your HEALTH with Life’s Gum®, you are able to unlock cognitive benefits from the act of chewing itself such as increased focus and concentration, memory recall and improved relaxation. Life’s Gum® is also portable and fits nicely in your bag or pocket so you can take it with you wherever you go without the hassle!

Life’s Gum® contains xylitol which is a natural sweetener that promotes oral health, so you can refresh your teeth while you’re loading up on our immunity-boosting ingredients! 

How many calories are in a piece of Life’s Gum®?

Each piece of Life’s Gum® contains around 10 calories.

Why is Life’s Gum® larger than other gums?

Simple… because Size & Form MATTER! Life’s Gum® is packed with good-for-you ingredients in the liquid center, and has a hefty dose of Xylitol (more than any other chewing gum in the world) in the gum shell to help Life’s Gum® taste delicious and benefit your oral health. Additionally, to receive the benefits of chewing, you need a quality piece of gum that you actually want to chew. Life’s Gum® was formulated to stay soft and chewable for an hour or more, unlike pressed or “Chiclet” candy-coated gums, which turn into a hard, tiny, flavorless piece after 5 minutes.

What are these “Cognitive Benefits” from Life’s Gum®?

The cognitive benefits that Life’s Gum® can help to promote based on chewing are increased focus and concentration, improved memory recall, and decreased stress just to name a few. These are all based on independent studies that can be found here and here.

How many pieces of Life’s Gum® should I chew per day?

We like to say “One Piece a Day Can Help Keep the Doctor Away!” as one piece of Life’s Gum® can meet the requirements to help boost your daily wellness!

Can I give Apollo Energy Gum® to my pets?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! Xylitol is very dangerous for pets. If your pet accidentally ingests any form of xylitol, contact your vet immediately.

Where is Life’s Gum® manufactured?

Life’s Gum® is made at the Liquid Core® Gum Factory in Denver, Colorado in the United States. Since we work so closely with our production, we are able to maintain our high quality standards and carefully select ingredients to bring you the best products, every time. 

What is the Life’s Gum® return policy?

We guarantee the quality of our product 100%. If you have any issues or concerns please  Contact Us and we'll do our best to help. Your satisfaction is our number one priority.

How can I sell Life’s Gum® at my retail location?

If you are interested in carrying Life’s Gum® at your store or on your website, please reach out to us at info@lifesgum.com to receive more information.

What if I want to become a distributor of Life’s Gum®?

If you are interested in distributing Life’s Gum® or other Liquid Core® Gum Products, please reach out to us at info@lifesgum.com to receive more information.

How do I adjust my Life’s Gum® subscription?

  1. Sign in to your Account.
  2. Click Manage Subscriptions at the bottom under 'Account Details'.
  1. Here, you can change your Frequency, Payment Details Upcoming Order Date, Swap Product, or Quantity.
  2. If you are no longer wanting your Life’s Gum® Subscription, you can cancel it here as well. We just ask that you please let us know why you’re cancelling. 
  • If you have any questions on how to adjust anything with your subscription, please Contact Us